Monday, February 20, 2012

Chris Pfeiffer Sri Lanka Street Tour..

So after few weeks, thought to write again bit about biking and stuffs.. It was bit tough for me to ride my bike in last few days. Rain + Heavy traffic + Strikes + Picketing are there everyday.. Anyway I heard that Chris Pfeiffer, the well-known motor bike stunt rider is coming back to Sri Lanka for a show almost after two years..

Around the world, he is popular for his breathtaking motor bike stunts. Chris came to Sri Lanka in 2009, in an event sponsored and organized by Red Bull Sri Lanka. He entertained Sri Lankan public with some stunning motor bike and bicycle performances as well during his visit to Sri Lanka.. Below are some video clips taken in his last visit..

This time the organizers Red Bull Sri Lanka is planning to bring the show outstation. First show will be happening in Jaffna on 01st of March 2012 and I see that's good move. People in rural areas have less chances to witness these kind of events. I hope this will make a difference in selecting venues for future international events as well.

However, for the people who lives in Colombo and suburbs can see the stunts on 3rd of March at 3pm near Nelum Pokuna and at around 5pm near World Trade Center.

I missed last show of him in 2009 and wish I won't miss this time. ;] Hope everybody will make it to the show. It's FREE. =]

Official Event Page on Facebook:

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